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Stefania Arcieri Ensemble
Views, Shapes and Hues of some Impressions

I'm so thrilled to be presenting my debut album featuring a very special ensemble: “Views – Shapes And Hues Of Some Impressions” is a new project which includes some incredibly creative and gifted artists from all over Europe.

I see this album as a portrait of some moments in my musical path, as a mixture of different musical ideas and sensations that merge into a wide range of colours and textures. It represents a part of me, it embodies my inner side, a point of view.

It was recorded last year, with a 7-piece ensemble performing in various combinations of timbres throughout the album, blending different sonorities and dynamics, embracing harmonies and contrasting sounds which reflect various musical directions. The atmosphere is imbued with a multiplicity of tones that originates from contemporary jazz and latin worlds and beyond.

Alongside the original material, we are also presenting the enchanting music by some of our Jazz “Heroes” as B. Evans, H. Silver, M. Waldron, F. Hime, R. Guerra, C. Netto, Gudin.

Everything is enriched by the sensitivity and curiosity of this splendid line-up, moving between arranged sections and large spaces for exciting improvisations, interplay, dreamy paths and moments of intense energy. The music of this recording is sincerely very precious to me and the musicians involved are simply wonderful artists who led my music to a whole new level. I feel so grateful, thank you so much dear Dario, Gareth, Nathaniel, Sandro, Barry, Shane. I couldn't have asked for more!


Stefania Arcieri - vocals and compositions
Gareth Lockrane - flutes
Nathaniel Facey - alto sax
Barry Green - piano
Sandro Zerafa - guitar
Dario Di Lecce - bass
Shane Forbes - drums


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